Save our Bulrushes


Chippewa Lake Association

A member of the Douglas County Lakes Association


Bulrushes (some people call them lake reeds) continue to disappear from Lake Chippewa.  Bulrushes are very valuable to the lake!! They provide fish habitat and act as filters - essentially helping to clean the lake.  Bull rushes also add to the privacy of lake shore by keeping boats at a distance from shore.  Over the years many have been removed to create swimming and dock areas.  Although this has created more 'desirable' lake shore in some eyes, it has not been good for the water quality of Lake Chippewa.


Remember that a permit is required to remove bulrushes.  If you must remove a few and have received the required permit, please remove as few as possible.  Please help preserve our remaining bulrushes by avoiding them when boating.  It certainly is easier to keep our current bull rushes than it will be to re-establish them in the future for fish habitat and water-filtering.


Let's all try to PRESERVE the lake!!!!!!