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Mid Summer 2014 Newsletter
Thank you for your interest and support of the Big Chippewa Lake Association. Your support ensures that the splendid environment we call "home" remains so for us and for generations to follow.
Though it's been a late, wet start to summer, it seems our high waters have not dampened people's enjoyment of the lake: boating activity appears normal and fishing is above average by most accounts. The optimist in all of us is holding out for a glorious rest of the season!
The Board of Directors learned that the topic of an old carp trap in the water passageway between Big Chip and Little Chip lakes was discussed this Spring at a township meeting. The Board thought it would be a good topic for discussion at the lake association meeting in June. Todd Strom and Dick Gulbranson led the discussion for the purpose of hearing some history and current condition of the carp trap and the existing water channels between Big Chip, Little Chip and Devils Lake. The DNR originally placed the carp trap and local sportsman clubs maintained them. Currently the carp trap is plugged and not functioning. A board member will follow up with the DNR to see if or when the trap would possibly be scheduled to be taken out, as others have been removed around the area lakes. We assured the people at the meeting that there were no recommendations being made by the board, the topic was brought up to get feedback from members.
The last several years have been challenging as several Douglas County lakes have become infested with zebra mussels, milfoil, and other invasive species such as curly- leaf pond weed. We want to keep Lake Chippewa clean and clear. In order to accomplish this we need your help. This can be as simple as walking down your shoreline and taking note of what plants may have washed up, checking your dock legs or keeping your eyes open to AIS while you are out fishing or taking a pontoon ride on a sunny day. Anyone who boats on different lakes can bring these destructive plants to our lake. To protect our lake the association asks boaters to PLEASE check all surfaces of the boat and trailer for anything that's hitching a ride. This thorough check should be done twice - before launch and after pulling a boat out of a lake. If you find something, no matter how small, remove it and bag it. It must be disposed of with household trash, never on the shore. If draining water from the boat, drain it at the same site where water was taken on. Declining water quality can affect the type and number of fish species that inhabit the lake as well as birds and other wildlife which share our environment. Who has not been mesmerized by the hauntingly mysterious echoing call of a loon, or stood in awe at the sight of an American Bald Eagle with it's unbought majesty, as it spreads its wings and soars above the beautiful Lake Chippewa shoreline. As we work together to keep our lake clean, we can be the good stewards who maintain this beautiful environment for years to come.
"We are extremely fortunate to have energetic, concerned folks who are with the Douglas County Lakes Association and all the lake associations in the county. These folks work hard to protect our waters--our most valuable asset. They are watchdogs for the lakes and are trying their best to keep the quality of lakes at their best." - Bev Bales, Douglas County Commissioner
On a concerning and troubling note, the Board brings to your attention that Big Chippewa Lake Asscociation paid membership is down somewhat significantly from a few years ago. There are 168 households and just 66 paid memberships. Between now and our annual meeting on Saturday, June 6, 2015 (save the date on your calendar), the board would hope we can raise our membership rate back to our normal range of 100 to 110 or even higher. We think we can accomplish this goal if we make an effort to contact our neighbors before the annual meeting and encourage them to support the lake association. If your neighbors have concerns or reasons for not joining the lake association, the Board would appreciate hearing about the concerns. The Board stands ready to do whatever we can do to address these concerns .
The Board also is making a plea for participation by more of our members including becoming a board member. The association needs new faces, new ideas, and new skills. It will take a few hours a year but can make a huge difference in the viability of your lake's well being.
At the moment, Big Chippewa lake web site is undergoing a transition. Dave Wolf is resigning as webmaster and that task is being taken over by John Gilson. John has generously volunteered to work on improving the web site during the next year on the condition that he receives good information as it relates to the lakes.
Lets get in the habit of regularily visiting the Big Chippewa Lake Association's web site www.chippewalake.org and Douglas County Lakes Association (www.dclamn.org). of which we are a member. Also, take time to visit other valuable websites :
www.freshwater.org www.pca.state.mn.us

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Next Annual Meeting is on Saturday, June 6, 2015

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Here is a picture of a MOOSE Hoof print, taken along Big Chip Lake in March 2010.

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