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The annual membership meeting of the Big Chippewa Lake Association will be held at the Brandon City Hall on Saturday, June 4, 2016. Registration and coffee is at 9:00 AM. The meeting begins at 9:30 AM. Topics to be discussed at the meeting include the treasurer’s report, website update, fish stocking report, report on water quality and water level readings and the condition of the lake access. There will be an election of Board members and a door prize give away of zebra mussel traps.

At 10:00 Patrick Schultz will speak on the topic of maintaining your septic system and new regulations for septic systems. Mr. Schultz is an Environmental Planning Technician with Douglas County Land & Resource Management.

Click for information about the Douglas County Bow Fishing Challenge on June 11-12.

Thank you for all who participated in the 2015 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING  that was held on June 6, 2015.

A copy of the meeting minutes can be found here.

You should consider putting a Zebra Mussel monitoring device on either your lift or dock.

Take a scrap piece of PVC pipe, maybe a foot or two in length, and cap one end of the pipe. Attach the capped pipe to your dock or lift however you choose but make certain the pipe is submerged, about a foot or so off the bottom of the lake, preferably in the shade, so the Zebra Mussels can find their way into the pipe. Inspect the pipe on a regular basis and report anything you think could possibly Zebra Mussels to the DNR.


-Glenwood Fisheries Office. Newsletters and other information.

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Minnesota DNR Lakefind Information for Chippewa Lake. Fish stocking report can be found here.

-DNR Invasive Species and Impaired Lakes listings here.

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-We would love to feature one of your favorite Big Chip lake photos!

Here is a picture of a MOOSE Hoof print, taken along Big Chip Lake in March 2010.

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