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This web site is a resource for members of the Chippewa Lake association to share information and communicate throughout the year.

This is a reminder that the Lake Association Picnic is this Saturday, August 10 at Wayne Carstens' lake home, 10321 Big Chip Road.  Lake residents are encouraged to come by boat.  Social time will begin at 2:00 with food to be served at 5:30.  The Board will provide hamburgers and hotdogs.  People are encouraged to bring their own beverages, lawn chairs and a side dish to share.  Wayne has arranged for music for part of the time.  There is no RSVP so we are asking you to share this information with your neighbors on the lake. 

The 2013 annual meeting was held on Saturday June 8 at the Brandon Auditorium. 9 AM Registration. Click this link for the agenda.

-Featured speaker, Dr. Darby Nelson shared his insights. Click to read a news story in the Echo about him as well.

-Glenwood Fisheries Winter 2012-2013 Newsletter.

Please visit Big Chip Lake's Facebook Page. Remember to "Like" during your visit.

Minnesota DNR Lakefind Information for Chippewa Lake. Fish stocking report can be found here.

Bear tracks were spotted in several places around Big Chip Lake in early June 2012. Check out the photos taken by Mark Dybdal (Conservation Program Specialist for the NRCS) These photos are from the north end of Big Chip. Photos 1 2 3

-Use of Coal Tar Based asphalt driveway sealants should be BANNED! When selecting your "sealant" this year, please remember to seal with asphalt-emulsion based, Not PAH laden coal tar sealants. Low cost coal-tar products contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and have PAH levels about 1,000 times higher than asphalt products. Learn more here: MPCA here: USGS or here:LA Times

-DNR Invasive Species and Impaired Lakes listings here.

-AIS Training Information for Lake Service Providers Information
Minnesota Waters has partnered with the MN Department of Natural Resources to provide mandatory Aquatic Invasive Species training for those who, for hire, install or remove water-related equipment or structures from waters.

-The 2013 Lake association dues are $30. Dues are used to pay for the Douglas County Lake Association, water monitoring, mailings/media information (postage, directory, po box, web site, non-profit status)

Please consider donating an additional $20 toward on-going fish stocking! Click here for dues form.

-We would love to feature one of your favorite Big Chip lake photos!

Here is a picture of a MOOSE Hoof print, taken along Big Chip Lake in March 2010.

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